Facebook Reels Not Showing? Here’s How To Fix in 2023


Facebook Reels Not Showing?

Do you use Facebook? Are you curious about Facebook reels? Do you have any problems opening the Facebook reels? Is your reel selection still available? Have you been seeking for solutions to the problem with your Facebook reels?

So, if you are having any problems with this, we are here to assist you. So, first and foremost, we must understand what Facebook is. So, in today’s globe, Facebook is the most popular website. It enables the user to create free profiles. It allows you to stay in touch with your pals. It lets the user to share photos with friends, family, and others, as well as videos, music, and articles.

You may use it for blogging, and you can express your ideas and opinions and share them with others. Facebook allows you to connect with your friends and chat with them. Text messaging, audio calls, video calls, and voice messages are all available.

Simply Facebook is referred to as a social networking site or platform. It is the finest approach to meet new individuals. It is a convenient method to communicate with friends, family, and internet. This social networking site was established or introduced by college students, according to its history.

Mark Zuckerberg invented it in 2004 while volunteering at Harvard University. In 2006, anyone over the age of thirteen could join Facebook, but they needed a valid email address. Facebook is the most popular social networking site, with about one billion members globally, and it is utilised more than that of users.

Facebook offers several perks. It allows you to send and receive messages, as well as share your status with friends and family members with whom you wish to share it. The information you posted on Facebook is not private, like it is with email. Facebook offers certain privacy options to assist you in limiting who may see your photos, videos, and the things that you share.

Facebook allows you to create communities. You may create and organise groups based on your preferences or on any topic of interest to you. You may share every single moment with your buddies. Facebook may also be used for commercial purposes.

Where there are benefits, there are drawbacks. Some people may create phoney accounts, which can lead to harassment and abuse. Hackers send scams to accounts in order to get access to personal information or data. Facebook addiction is dangerous. People become addicted to it in a short period of time. Addiction to this might have a negative impact on your mental health.

Its addiction has a negative impact on children’s mental health and leads to poor academic performance. Some organisations are formed in order to mistreat individuals or personalities. You cannot conceal your information if it is visible to all users. Make friends with people you already know and don’t reveal your personal information with anybody else. Remove the irrelevant posts and comments from the group if you are the admin.

Facebook – Why Use It?

Have you ever considered why people enjoy using Facebook? Because Facebook is the most well-known app, the other applications or websites try to integrate with it.

It implies you may utilize many services with a single account. There are several methods to contact with one another, but the finest feature of Facebook is the ability to connect with friends and family all around the world online. Regardless of where they live. It has the potential to both share and connect with individuals.

Reels – What Is That?

Reels are Facebook videos that users make and utilise to submit to the app. Reels are the greatest new features available on Facebook right now. It seems similarly to the WhatsApp status. Facebook provides a plethora of creative options to assist you in creating the finest reels.

You have access to your favourite video reels saved on your Facebook account. You may view the reels by scrolling down your news stream. So when you tap on the reels option to see it but it does not show up so you have to do some of the steps to make it work.

Facebook Reels Are Not Showing – Why?

There are a lot of various reasons why your reels are not operating. So, if you encounter a problem when watching the reels, you must first identify the root cause of the problem and then devise a strategy to resolve it. Some of the reasons for this include a corrupted cache, an issue with settings, or a device-related issue. You can also check to see if you have an internet connection problem.

One of the most important things to do is to check for updates and to see whether the server is down. When utilizing Facebook on your PC, you are not required to make and publish your clips. Reels will only appear when you use them on your smartphone.

Fixing The Issues – How?

If your Facebook reels are not then do not need to worry. You have to some steps then Facebook reels are visible to you always. The steps include:

  1. To check if your Facebook account enabled it.
  2. Use Facebook on different devices.
  3. Look in the other section.
  4. Updating your Facebook App.
  5. Clear the Cache in the App.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the App.
  7. Contacting Facebook App.

1. To check if your Facebook account enabled it:

The first step is to determine whether or not your account is eligible for reels. If your account is not permitted, no steps will work. Reels only display to the account that has access to the reels. So you must use the most latest version of the app, and if you are using the official Meta app, you must not use any third-party apps. You can watch the reels of others if they reveal their reels in public, regardless of whether you are under the age of 18.

Even if the reels are posted by others, some users are unable to discover them. If you are having problems, you must take certain measures to remedy the problem. So keep on with those steps.

2. Use Facebook on different devices:

If there are no difficulties with the Facebook reels, yet occasionally Facebook reels appear on one account but not on another. For example, there is no reason why your reels are not shown on iPhone yet display in the reels area on iPad.

So, if you are experiencing this type of problem, you must do one thing: move your account to another device. Your tablet and PC are examples of devices. If you view the reel portion on another device, the problem is on your end, not Facebook’s. There are also alternatives if you want to show off your reels on your prior gadget.

3. Look in the other section:

Reels are organised differently depending on the device you’re using to access Facebook. Sometimes you may see it in the same sections but it appears to be absent. However, it appears that you are browsing in the incorrect section. Reels are generally on the left side, however it appears that Facebook is moving things about. However, it is uncertain why Facebook is moving things. The reels can be found in a variety of locations, including:

  • You will find the ‘Reels’ button just below the icon where you write your status. This happened after opening your app.
  • Go to the ‘Menu’ section and then tap on the Reels button.
  • A number of reels appear on your news feed after you scroll for some time.

You can also watch reels by tapping on their profiles, but this can be done on business pages. Mostly the reels start on Instagram rather than Facebook so you have to install Instagram sometime to watch the reels.

4. Updating your Facebook App:

Most Facebook issues are resolved when you upgrade your Facebook applications. Facebook bugs include the inability to remark and the temporary inaccessibility of pages. There are several upgrades on Facebook that include critical flaws.

The flaws occasionally impact a limited number of users, although this occurred when using Facebook on a specific device. As a result, if you are experiencing problems or discovering flaws, you should check for an update. Go to the App Store and select the ‘Updates’ option. Simply put ‘Facebook’ into the search field and hit the update option if there are any updates available. This is an alternative method to the first.

5. Clear the App Cache:

The cache is a collection of programmes that have been downloaded into your smartphone. It might be a problem with not showing the reels. If you have an Android device, you can easily erase the cache or damaged data. However, if you use IOS, it is not as simple.

You should keep in mind that deleting your cache would only temporarily destroy the data, however deleting ‘Data’ will delete all vital data, including information connected to your passwords and login information. When you remove the cache, it will address your reels issue and your reels will appear. The following are the measures to take in order to clear

  • Open the settings app and negotiate to your App list.
  • Click on the Facebook app.
  • Click on the ‘storage and cache’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Clear Cache’ option, you can also click on the ‘Clear Storage’ option.
  • Then open the Facebook App again.

But if you are an IOS user then the only thing you can do for clearing the cache is to uninstall and then reinstall the Facebook App.

6. Uninstalling and reinstalling the App:

If all of the above-mentioned steps did not work then the only thing is left to uninstall the Facebook App from your device and then reinstall it. This can do some things like:

  • It can clear all the app-related data from your device.
  • It will download the app which has the latest version.
  • It will log out and you have to log in back.

These steps will surely remove all the issues that you are facing related to reels. Then the Facebook reels will show up to you finally.

7. Contact Facebook Services or helpline:

If none of the preceding steps work, go to the next stages. The final step is to contact Facebook customer service. You can write to them and explain your purpose for contacting them. This will undoubtedly assist you by providing a solution to your difficulty.


First and foremost, figure out why your Facebook reels aren’t working. If you discover the cause, you can devise an appropriate remedy to set it up. In this essay, I determined the various reasons why the reels on Facebook did not function, as well as all viable fixes.

All of the solutions shown above are simple to implement. It does not need a lot of time. It just takes a few minutes to complete. If you follow these instructions, you may be able to solve your problem. All of the Facebook clips begin to appear. You can select the appropriate step based on your situation.

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